how to screenshot on windows laptop

There are various ways to take a screenshot of your screen on Windows laptop. One way is by using the built-in “Snipping Tool”. This tool allows you to capture an area, window or full-screen and then save that screenshot image into a file format of your choice. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots on windows laptop. Pressing the Print Screen key will copy the whole screen to clipboard, so you can paste it in Paint or any other graphics program of your choice. Pressing Alt+Print Screen will only copy the current window that’s open without having to select it first with your mouse cursor. Another option would be pressing Windows Key + PrintScreen which will take a screenshot of whatever is currently being displayed on your desktop . How do you take a screenshot of your laptop screen on Windows 10? It’s not as simple as pressing the “print screen” button, but it can be done! Here are the steps to successfully take a screenshot of your laptop with Windows 10. 1) Press “Windows key + Print Screen.” This will copy what is currently being shown on your monitor to the clipboard. 2) Open Paint or another image editor on your computer. 3) Paste what has been copied to clipboard by pressing control and V at the same time in order to place it into Paint. 4) Crop out any unwanted parts of the photo, save it, and then upload for safe keeping! Are you looking for a way to take screenshots on your Windows laptop? You can easily do so by following these simple steps.
1. First, go to the screen you want to capture and press “print screen”
2. Now open paint or any other image editing software of your choice
3. Paste the captured image in paint using either CTRL+V or right click > paste option (whatever method works for you)
4. Once done editing save it as JPG/PNG file format (optional) with name like “capture”. That’s all!

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