HP ENVY Laptops

HP Envy laptop series was introduced on the 15th of October 2009, with two high-performance business-oriented laptops. In 2012 HP rebranded their Pavilion series of computers and laptops with the brand new ” Envy collection “. This new Envy line came with a cost of $499 . HP has its own desktops branded with HP and even printers sporting the Envy label.

Differences between HP Envy and Pavilion

If you’re looking for a business and work-oriented laptop, you should consider purchasing an Envy. It is recommended to choose the Pavilion laptop if you’re looking for an all-purpose laptop as well as an entertainment laptop or gaming laptop. The Envy laptop range offers lightweight alternatives if you require an ultra-portable machine to work in the field. It also has the security features you require to safeguard your work as well as your personal information secure including fingerprint readers, shutters for webcams, microphone mutes as well an integrated privacy screen.

If you compare the typical lifespan that the Envy has x360 as well as the Pavilion x360, the Envy will last a bit longer over the long haul.┬áThis is due to the use of better quality components for the machine. The Pavilion series is among the least expensive models from HP. As an example, laptops in this range don’t typically have a 1080p display as standard

The name changed in 2014 once more as well as Envy laptops came with a 13 14 model, 14, 15 or 17 variant.

HP has its own desktops branded with HP and even printers sporting the Envy labe