how to connect airpods to laptop

Fortunately, connecting your AirPods to a laptop is easy. First, open up the Bluetooth settings on your laptop. Next, click on “add” and then follow prompts from there. Finally, once connected turn off Bluetooth for both devices to conserve battery life until they need recharging again! Apple Airpods are one of the most popular Bluetooth wireless earphones on the market. They offer an easy to use, seamless connection with any Apple product like your iPhone or iPad. But what if you need to connect them to a different device? This is where this article comes in; we’ll show how to connect AirPods wirelessly to a laptop. Apple’s newest wireless earbuds, the AirPods, are a hot commodity. With no wires and an intuitive design, they’re perfect for those who need to have their hands free all day long. But how do you connect them to your laptop? Apple has a few tips for this so let’s take a look!
1) Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac computer or mobile device before pairing with AirPods. 2) Once paired, open the Finder app on your Mac to find the AirPods folder in order to access music files from iTunes or iCloud Music Library as well as any other audio content stored locally on your device. The same can be done using File Explorer from Windows 10 onwards if you’re . The newest Apple product, the AirPods, are a wireless earphone set that has quickly become popular among all ages. This device is paired with your iPhone or other devices via bluetooth and can be easily charged in the carrying case that they come with. The AirPods have been released just this past December 2016 so there are still some kinks to work out before it becomes more widely used but if you’re an apple user who wants to cut cords without sacrificing sound quality then these may be for you!
. Apple released the latest version of its MacBook Pro laptops this week. The new models have been highly anticipated because they are said to be more powerful and lighter than their predecessors. They also include Apple’s own custom designed processors, which should improve performance significantly. We can expect them to become available for purchase in early November 2017.
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