why is my laptop so slow?

It can be frustrating when your laptop is slow. You might have a feeling that you just need to buy a new one, but sometimes it’s as easy as deleting some files and changing a few settings. This blog post will go over how to make your computer faster without buying a new one!
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Laptops are a great way to keep up-to-date with work and stay connected on the go, but sometimes they can be slow. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can speed your laptop back up again. Here are some quick fixes that may help you out!
A laptop is an incredible tool for staying connected on the go or keeping up to date with work while commuting, but sometimes it gets bogged down by too many applications open at once or malware slowing everything down. If this happens to you, don’t panic – there’s an easy fix that should solve all your problems in no time at all!
Is your laptop running slow? Is it making weird noises or has the battery drained after only a few minutes? Maybe you installed an app or game that is using up all of your memory, slowing down your computer. Here are some ways to make sure things go smoothly on your machine.

1) Download and install CCleaner (http://www2.piriform.com/ccleaner). This program will scan for any programs or apps that might be slowing down your computer and fix them automatically by deleting temporary files and other clutter from the system registry. It also includes a free antivirus feature to keep you safe online. 2) Uninstall unwanted software with Revo Uninstaller Free (https://www.revoun
Do you ever feel like your laptop is slower than it used to be? You’re not alone. It seems that no matter how new and updated our laptops get, they never seem to work as well as we want them too. Here are some quick tips on how you can speed up your laptop and keep it running smoothly! First, try running a disk defragmentation on the hard drive periodically. This will help with any issues related to file fragmentation; this helps make sure all of your files are in one place so the computer doesn’t have to search for them when loading programs or opening documents. Second, make sure you close out of applications and webpages every time you finish using them (especially if there isn

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