Apple Music Spotted on PS5

Some gamers are speculating that Apple Music will be the new music streaming service for Playstation 5, following Sony’s partnership with them. With this in mind, it makes sense why users on PS3 could stream their library of tracks while playing games – but don’t get too excited yet! It looks like there is no availability just yet and we’re still waiting to hear back about whether or not this feature has been confirmed by either company (and maybe you?).

Sony could be testing out the Apple Music app on PS5 for now, gearing up to launch their own music service soon. While it has not been announced yet and probably won’t be before we know more about what else Sony has planned with regards to gaming partnerships or upcoming hardware releases such as a new console (presumably called Playstation 5). The recent partnership they have formed is interesting because while there were some mixed reviews regarding its features after release of Nintendo Switch last year; many people enjoyed having access all these exclusive offerings through either streaming services like Netflix Instant Play OR via download purchases from iTunes–even if you didn’t .

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